FANDOM is a scam website that lures off of typo-squatting. In Chrome, it redirects you to fake versions of legitimate websites such as Facebook. In Safari, it redirects you to either a lottery scam or a domain parking page. It has not been tested in Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, or Opera. It can be blocked by browser safety extensions.

There has been a myth spread around that eventually the site will take you to the actual YouTube site, and from there if you keep reloading various satanic things will happen. These include all channels being replaced with one called 666, and eventually forcing you to watch a video that presumably shows demons sleeping; according to the myths, you also can't pause or stop the video. This has never been proven, as the only video of it has been debunked multiple times. You can watch a video of someone presumably doing this here, but be warned as it has gore and satanic imagery inside it, and is not best suited for children.