VBS:Malware-Gen is a computer worm that will spread on local and network shared drives. This worm is typically made as a Visual Basic Script file that will function based on the configuration of the code. There are certain reasons why authors created a worm such as VBS:Malware-Gen. On recent observation and constant monitoring of this worm, it was discovered that it has huge payload and it differs for various breed of this worm. It may have mild effect on the computer, but also may trigger complex trouble once executed.


Normally, threat like VBS:Malware-Gen will arrive on the computer unsought through spam email messages sent out by other victims. It is attached as a .ZIP file. Using a deceptive content, attacker can easily convince victim to execute the file. Once it is opened, VBS:Malware-Gen runs and drops a copy of itself bundled with AutoRun.Inf file. It starts and infects other drives on a machine once the compromised drive is accessed. Removable and USB drives are the most prone to this infection. Therefore, the user needs to implement security measures on external drives in order to protect the user's computer against VBS:Malware-Gen.