Virus.DOS.Warez.1341 is a very dangerous file corrupting virus on DOS.


When the virus is run, it infects every DOS executable file located in same directory, except those which are smaller than the virus itself.

Files infected by this virus will no longer function and crash the system immediately.

The virus does not check whether a program has been infected and would reinfect it on next runtime, only if the payload is displayed.

On first run the virus ignores COMMAND.COM but would infect it on next run.

Advanced detailsEdit

This virus does not stay memory resident.

MD5 hash:



The virus activates after infecting the files, followed by hanging the system.

It displays the message in ASCII art:


Other detailsEdit

The binaries of the infected files would also contain the payload but most of them would not be displayed correctly, but garbage characters instead.

The virus contains the internal text string:

- W A R E Z   D 0 0 D -

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