W32.Ackantta.F@mm is a risk level II mass-mailing computer worm that is part of the Ackantta family. It, like all other previously discovered Ackantta worms, spreads thorugh e-mails and removable media. It has an association with Michael Jackson emails (as those are what the worm uses to spread itself). It creates many, many registry keys and deletes many, many registry keys (unlike the previous Ackanttas). It, like B, drops files on the computer, except F drops three copies of Packed.Generic.238. It also, like C, attempts to connect to malicious websites, but does not delete any files whatsoever. Like most other worms, the Address Book is its primary target. It was discovered 29/6/09 (the day before Michael Jackson's death) and updated itself the next day (Michael Jackson's death), considering the subject of the emails. It affects all released Windows operating systems.

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