W32.Ackantta.C@mm is a risk level II mass mailing computer worm and a variant of W32.Ackantta@mm. It, like the other Ackanttas, spreads through removable media. It arrives in different emails other than the A and B emails, making it a little more less detectable. There is no sign that you have been infected, unlike B. It will delete some files off your computer and the spam that it sends to the Address Book in Outlook contains not only this worm, but other threats. It copys itself to the desktop looking like some normal everyday files and will connect to sites to download malicious software, as does B. It is relatively uncommon, but there is medium damage caused by it. If it is detected by a Symantec product before it was discovered and given an official name, it is detected as W32.Jessiv. It was discovered 12/6/09 and affects Windows 2000, Server 2003, Vista and XP (whereas the previous Ackanttas affected all Windows operating systems).

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