W32.Ackantta.B@mm is a risk level mass-mailing computer worm that is a variant of W32.Ackantta@mm. It spreads through removable media (CDs, floppys) as does A, and it also spreads through emails. It disables antivirus and internet security programs (Norton 360, Norton Internet Security, McAfee, etc) and spams the same emails as does A. Sometimes, it goes to a website and downloads Trojan.Vundo and Trojan.Awax (which just cause more damage to the user's computer as is). The sign that shows the user's computer is infected is that if it shows a snowman icon on the user's desktop entitled postcard.pdf.exe. It is common (with more than 1000 infections) and will cause medium damage to the user's computer. Overall, it is a "all-around" worm. This worm was discovered on 25/2/09 and affects all released Windows operating systems.

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