FANDOM is a browser hijacker website that adds itself to the user's browser and then infects the user's browser with adware. It infects the computer by redirecting to ad websites, and will then say "by" in the corner of its ads. The ads are normally intriguing (fake)? article names and pages, making a user curious to click on it.

It is not dangerous, but it is annoying. It will make hyperlinks on random words, and can add PUPs to the user's computer. It can be removed, but it is difficult and is usually lengthy. It can also make ads pop up more often. The user usually gets this adware from downloading trojan freeware, and other type of freeware from download websites like or Sometimes it can be obtained by accident by clicking on a ViewPassword ad by mistake.

How to Remove

If a browser has been infected by this website, they can follow the steps here.