VeryFun (Also known as Trojan.Win32.VeryFun) Is a trojan on Microsoft Windows. A different payload activates each time. It never entered the wild because it was made for the YouTuber, Danooct1. It directly infects the memory of applications that are running, and starts writing to the registry.


First PayloadEdit

It first displays a message that 'a very funny thing is happening', and then pops up with a data execution prevention error. It then draws rainbow lines on the screen. If the user drags a window, then it 'copies an image of the window and pastes it on the desktop'. If there are too much applications, it crashes programs that are running, then pops with an RPC call error, and continues to pop up with messages that 'a very funny thing is happening' It does this until it crashes the computer. When the computer restarts, a garbled message pops up during boot. When the user attempts to log in to the computer, the computer will then pop with an unreadable message.

Second PayloadEdit

In this payload, a Blue Screen of Death occurs. If running on a virtual machine, it can even crash the virtual machine as well.

Third Payload Edit

This payload is similar to the first one, but when a window is dragged, it 'copies an image of the window and pastes it on the desktop'. Eventually, it can cause the computer to crash.

Fourth PayloadEdit

This payload is similar to the first one, but it causes more errors, and then crashes explorer.exe. It then crashes lsass.exe. It then pops with an error that says that the system has been tampering with the user's registered product type. It also displays a system shutdown countdown message, after the message, the whole trojan keeps making rainbow lines until it displays an application error message, after this, the computer crashes. It then displays a message, that says that Windows cannot start because the \WINDOWS\system32\config\SYSTEM file is missing.

Fifth Payload Edit

This payload is similar to the fourth one, but instead of crashing, it instead freezes itself, and only deletes the taskbar. If the trojan freezes, the user will be able to click on icons, but the trojan prevents program execution, therefore, nothing will happen. Rebooting from here causes the same startup error the fourth payload does.


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