Virus.DOS.Vanish.1635 is a dangerous memory resident encrypted virus on DOS.


When the virus is loaded into memory, it infects any EXE executable that is run. The virus might corrupt the file during infection, making those programs to crash the system when run.

The following message is displayed from the original sample only:

WARNING - This is the [VanisH] carrier - WARNING
             - Coded by Bumblebee -

Advanced details

The TSR memory usage of the virus is 3,520 bytes.

MD5 hash:



When an infected program is run on Sunday 5th, instead of running the host program, the virus makes text vanish by scrolling 1 ASCII value down until 0 (NULL), and then it returns to DOS.

Other details

The virus contains the internal text strings:

[VanisH][Coded by Bumblebee]
Kill their servants
Burn their homes
Till there's no blood left to spill
Hail and Kill




Vanish virus review by danooct1