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Here is a list of translation wikis we will be working on. Please note that the list of languages are not in order of priority. So far we have had languages completed. More will be coming soon.

Admins: To submit interlanguage requests, please go here.

  • English [Translation Complete]
  • Français (French) [Needs Translation]
  • Español (Spanish) [Needs Translation]
  • Русский (Russian) [Needs Translation]
  • Deutsch (German) [Translating - Inactive]
  • Italiano (Italian) [Translating - Inactive]
  • Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian) [Translating - Inactive]
  • Polski (Polish) [Translating - Inactive]
  • Português do Brasil (Brazilian Portuguese) [Needs Translation]
  • 日本語 (Japanese) [Needs Translation]
  • 한국어 (Korean) [Needs Translation]
  • 中文 (Chinese) [Translating - Active]

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