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    Here is a list of translation wikis we will be working on. Please note that the list of languages are not in order of priority. So far we have 6 languages under translation. More will be coming soon.

    Admins: To submit interlanguage requests, please go here.

    • English [Translation Complete]
    • Français (French) [Needs Translation]
    • Español (Spanish) [Translating - Active]
    • Русский (Russian) [Needs Translation]
    • Deutsch (German) [Needs Translation]
    • Italiano (Italian) [Translating - Semi-Active]
    • Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian) [Translating - Inactive]
    • Polski (Polish) [Translating - Inactive]
    • Português do Brasil (Brazilian Portuguese) [Needs Translation]
    • Türkçe (Turkish) [Needs Translation]
    • العربية (Arabic) [Needs Translation]
    • 日本語 (Japanese) [Translating - Inactive]
    • 한…
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  • Deep-Fried Derp of Illuminati

    We need to make a username template for this wiki, because it is very useful for userpages and such.

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  • Deep-Fried Derp of Illuminati

    Do you think we should add a custom cursor on the Wiki? I mean, other wikis have these sometimes...

    Maybe like a biotoxin symbol for the cursor?

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  • Deep-Fried Derp of Illuminati

    Everyone, we should probably get back to this wiki and start editing again, this wiki is beginning to die...

    It's becoming incredibly inactive...

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