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  • BF10

    Here it is. About the other destructive virus lists would pick LoveLetter or CodeRed as the most dangerous, even though it was not really even close except overwriting a few files. This contains all viruses before October 13, 2016, so there should be many more than what the others say.

    • As by standard, the list order will go Least Favorite > Most Favorite > Least Destructive > Most Destructive, though I can work on the in any order. (thanks to Ballistic Planet from PvZ Wiki, this is just formatting)
    • For destructive bases, it is noted that it is assumed the virus stays in the computer and does not get removed in any way (such as virus scan, re-installation of OS, etc.)
    • I will base the viruses from the creativity, payload, and all of that stuff. …
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