Typer is a .vbs DOS virus that infects anything that the user types into the user's computer.


When opening the .vbs file it starts to enter "VIRUS" rapidly, annoying the user. Its payload can be stopped by shutting down or restarting.


Typer has 7 variants:

  • Typer.2312

This variant is 2,312 bytes.

  • Typer.HowlingWolf

This variant has a different message, and its payload is different.

HowlingWolf virus Copyright(C) 2012
  • Typer.DirCrazy/Typer.1298

This variant shows the drive of C:/ and never stops showing it, and it has a hidden string:

/\/\Your pc is infected with the Dircrazy virus/\/\/\/\/\/\Sorry.......
  • Typer.Eraser (AKA Wipeout)

This variant erases all data on the computer

  • Typer.Eraser.Fri13

This variant activates on Friday the 13, and it erases all data on the computer.

  • Typer.RT-V
  • Typer.ZX-R5

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