ThinkPoint will first pose as a simple Flash Player updated, although when run it will display a fake Microsoft Security Essentials alert, claiming an Unknown Win32/Trojan has breached the system (which is rare in these cases that the legitimate one finds a trojan that is not known). The user will likely select "Clean Computer", which will recommend you "Scan Online". Once you've scanned online, the software will recommend that you activate a free trial of "ThinkPoint" and the "infected" PC will restart.

The infected system will boot into a splash screen, with two options: "Normal Startup" and "Safe Startup". Of course, normal startup will not be available until you configure the settings. Once the user starts the scan, he/she will realize that Regedit and CMD have been unblocked, but it will still block task manager (unless the user finds a way to get past it's blocklist by copying the task manager application and rename
How to Remove ThinkPoint (Infection and Removal)02:27

How to Remove ThinkPoint (Infection and Removal)


it to where ThinkPoint won't detect it).

Once the user configures the application in such a way that they can perform an Un-Safe startup they will boot into Windows. The user may now proceed to remove the program.

Removal Process

ThinkPoint Fake MSE Removal Guide03:36

ThinkPoint Fake MSE Removal Guide

1. When ThinkPoint starts, immediately press CTRL+ALT+DEL. Now select Task Manager and kill the process.

2. Now, start a new task "Explorer.exe"

3. From here, you can simply download Malware-Bytes Anti-Malware, and your system will be clean.

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