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SpyEraser is a rogue antivirus. It has many references to SpySheriff, having similar infection styles and features. The icon appears to be a gear with a blue and green sphere inside, with one green arrow and one blue arrow. It also has a bottom message saying: "WARNING ! This PC protected by SpyEraser".

Info Edit

When run, it installs itself into the computer, infecting it. Upon opening it "scans" for malware and spyware and gives fake exaggerated results. It then prompts users to buy the full version in order to remove the non-existent malware and spyware at a cost of $79.95.

Spreading Edit

Users get infected with SpyEraser by visiting infected sites which tell users that they "have viruses and must install an antivirus". It sometimes also comes bundled with other programs which by themselves may not be malicious.

Gallery Edit

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