Sporkeh (also known as sp0rkeh) is a computer Virus that masquerades as a hack for the popular game Counter-Strike, often used by the members of myg0t.


A few of the things that Sprokeh does is that it changes the window text to a leet derivative of "sporkeh owns you", switches screen resolution to 640×480, switches right-click and left-click on your mouse, slows the mouse cursor to a crawl, and prevents any .exe files from being run.

myg0t's commentary

"sp0rkeh is a destructive piece of software first discovered in late 2001, rumored to be written by a member of myg0t under the alias sp0rk, however this is not true. The software, when executed, will severely cripple any unprotected Microsoft Windows Operating System, along with other useless effects such as change font sizes, cursor speeds, and color schemes. It is generally given to visitors in the cheating community who request 'private' cheats for online games. No current member of myg0t has ever had anything to do with the production or distribution of the sp0rkeh software."