Spanska (Cosmos variant) is a parasitic encrypted virus on DOS, written by Spanska from 29A.

Spanska.1120.b is the only variant.


When the virus is run, it infects first 6 uninfected DOS executable files by writing itself to the end of their binaries.

The virus does not infect COMMAND.COM and files that are smaller than 1,500 bytes or larger than 56,000 bytes in size.

If there is no more files to infect in the current directory, it would change to other directories in order to find more files to infect.

Advanced details

This virus does not stay memory resident.

MD5 hash:



When the minute is equal to 52 and second is less than or equal to 20, it displays a video effect of a simulated cosmos, and also the text:

To Carl Sagan, poet and scientist,
this little Cosmos.  (Spanska 97)

Other details

This variant is not equivalent to Spanska.1120.a, which belongs to the version of No Pasaran.


  1. Description of the Spanska virus on F-Secure Lab

See also






Virus.DOS.Spanska 1120b

Spanska (Cosmos variant) virus review by Alles Sandro

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