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Softonic is a download site similar to CNET. The company was founded in Barcelona, Spain in 1997. On the website, the user can create an account and upload any of their software for public use. However, is most often used for people to upload their malware to. Despite the malware being distributed on Softonic, some products are legitimate programs and non-malicious.

Reputation as Malware

Softonic formerly bundled the malicious Softonic Toolbar with every download, becoming the administrator of their computer and changing the homepage/default search engine to, making it a browser hijacker. The malware that is currently uploaded to, however, is not faulty of Softonic itself in some cases.

Following the announcement of Scott Arpajian as the new CEO in February 2015, Softonic announced that it would immediately cease utilizing the Softonic Downloader as part of its "Clean and Safe" software initiative, and downloads would no longer include the Softonic Toolbar.


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