Sevgi (from Turkish - love) - trojan, created in Turkey and compatible with Windows 9x.

Writed on Delphi7.

Payload Edit

Being run, this trojan shows a message box with an animated picture with some text in Turkish. The trojan then starts to change the mouse pointer cursor position every half a second, making its operation difficult or even impossible. The trojan also blocks several keyboard keys including ESC, CTRL, ALT, DEL and others. The trojan installs itself to a system as SYSFILE.EXE into a \Windows\System\ folder and modifies the Registry to be run upon the next Windows startup. After reboot, the trojan makes working with an infected PC very difficult, as it loads immediately after the OS boots into the desktop.

Translation of message:

Heyyyyyy! Get your hands off that mouse! You naughty thing! Who am I talking to? I will crush your head!


HOOOOYT!... cek elini bakiim sen o fareden! Seni gidi seniii!... Kime diyorum ben? GAFANI KIRARIM !...

Videos Edit

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