Security Essentials Ultimate Pack's interface

Security Essentials Ultimate Pack
is a rogue (fake) antivirus program that is a variant of the Win32/Fakeinit family of rogues, and is the most recent one, the previous others being Security Essentials and Internet Security.[1] Its name is similar to that of Microsoft Security Essentials, which is a real antivirus program.


After installing the program, every time you boot up the computer, you will be greeted with a message nagging you to activate Security Essentials Ultimate Pack, and if you don't do this you must wait 1 minute and 20 seconds to proceed to your computer, but you can just open up task manager by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del and then starting the new task explorer.exe to bypass this, but the nag message will still be there.

After the counter on the message ticks down to 0, it will automatically open Security Essentials Ultimate Pack and run a scan. It will make up a bunch of fake "threats" in an attempt to scare the user into buying the product key and activating it in order to protect his/her computer. Whenever a warning from the rogue appears, it makes a loud and startling pig-squealing noise, which is also found in many other rogue antivirus programs. It will also block certain applications such as regedit.exe, msconfig.exe, and so forth, claiming they are "infected" and cannot be cleaned unless you activate the program.[2]

It will also occassionally make fake reports that your computer is being "attacked" from another machine, and gives a fake IP of the non existent attacker to scare you even more.



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