Virus.Win32.Saynob.2406 or Saynob (also known as Fakelove) is a virus that runs on Windows 32-bit Operating System.


Saynob is a very dangerous parasitic Win32 virus. The virus is per-process memory resident, and is active until the infected application exits. The virus searches for Win32 EXE applications (PE EXE files) on local and network drives and writes itself to the end of these files.

On the 1st of each month the virus displays a message box containing the text displayed below and deletes all the files on all local drives:

My Baby Do you Love me ? Do not Say No !


Saynob Windows Virus (Win32.Saynob.2406 Win32.Fakelove

Saynob Windows Virus (Win32.Saynob.2406 Win32.Fakelove.2406)


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