Virus.Linux.Satyr.a or Satyr is a virus that runs on Linux Operating System.


This is a harmless non-memory resident parasitic Linux virus. The virus is a Linux executable module (.ELF file). It searches for other .ELF files in the system, and then infects them. The virus infects files in the following directories:

  1. current directory
  1. parent directory
  1. ~/ (user root directory)
  1. ~/bin (user /bin directory)
  1. ~/sbin (user /sbin directory)
  1. /bin
  1. /sbin
  1. /usr/bin
  1. /usr/local/bin
  1. /usr/bin/X11

While infecting, the virus moves a victim's file contents down, and writes itself to the file header. To release control to the host file, the virus "disinfects" it to a temporary file and executes it.

The virus does not manifest itself in any way. Its body contains the "copyright" text string:

unix.satyr version 1.0 (c)oded jan-2001 by Shitdown [MIONS],

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