The Santy family is a family of 3 risk level 2 computer worms that (hence the name) were discovered on 21/12/04, and two of them were discovered 25/12/04. They only affect UNIX systems (except for Perl.Santy, which affects UNIX and all Windows systems behind Vista) and spread via a vulnerability in the system.

Variants Edit

  • Perl.Santy: This one could probably be considered the middle one because while it doesn't do much, it affects not just UNIX, but all Windows systems except for Vista. It was discovered 21/12/04.
  • Perl.Santy.B This one isn't very harmful, as it only infects UNIX computers. It deletes ssh. and bot. files. It was discovered 25/12/04.
  • Perl.Santy.C This one is considered the deadliest one because it can let a remote hacker control the computer, but still, it only affects UNIX computers. It was discovered the same day as Santy.B.

Damage Rankings Edit

  1. Perl.Santy.C - lets hackers into computer
  2. Perl.Santy.A - deletes some files and modifies Internet Settings
  3. Perl.Santy.B - only deletes specific file types

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