Remove SafeSearch Toolbar 0.9.204:07

Remove SafeSearch Toolbar


The hijacker is a program that will be inside Trojan Horses and other programs. It will make your computer think it's administrator is the safe search hijacker. It will also overwrite other search tools such as Google, Yahoo, etc.

It will also terrorize browsers such as internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox and many others. The search engine does not appear to be threatening as many others. But in reality, it could give you nasty viruses, adware, spyware, child pornography and illegal porn. NOTE: THIS IS A THEORY! DO NOT SEARCH IN THIS SEARCH ENGINE!

You can get rid of this virus. But it is a pain and will take some time and patience to get rid of. Changing your start up when you open up your browsers will NOT help.

Section headingEdit

To be helpful, I will post a link on how to remove the virus.


The Old Front Page of Safe Search Hijacker

To check out the hijacker, heres the link

Dont worry, no virus when clicked!

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