SCA is an Amiga boot sector virus. It is the first known virus for the Amiga operating system.


SCA is introduced to a system through infected disks. When the infected disk is booted, the virus loads itself into memory and will remain there even after a warm reboot. In memory it searches for uninfected boot blocks on 3.5 inch and 5.25 inch floppy disks and infects them.

The virus displays a message:

  Something wonderful has happened
  Your AMIGA is alive!!!
  and even better
  Some of your disks are infected by a VIRUS
  Another masterpiece of the Mega-Mighty SCA

If the user presses the left mouse button while booting, the screen will turn green and the virus will remove itself from memory.


Most SCA variants are not very different from the original, with the exception of some messages contained in the virus. Variants include:

  • SCA.B.bin
  • SCA.2001.bin
  • SCA.666
  • SCA.AEK.bin
  • SCA.AIDS.bin
  • SCA.Anti Kanacken
  • SCA.Assassin
  • SCA.Asylant
  • SCA.Baltasar
  • SCA.Bamiga.bin
  • SCA.BigBoss.bin
  • SCA.Blade Runners
  • SCA.BS1
  • SCA.D&A
  • SCA.DAG.bin
  • SCA.Deniz
  • SCA.Disk Terminator
  • SCA.Ice.bin
  • SCA Karl Marx
  • SCA.Kefrens.bin
  • SCA.LSD.bin
  • SCA.Muriel.bin
  • SCA.Sphinx
  • SCA.TNK.bin


SCA was named for the Swiss Cracking Association that created it. Few antvirus products detect it, and the few that do may only indicate that it is some kind of Amiga virus.

Other Facts

SCA was created by the Swiss Cracking Association. Although it was most likely created in Switzerland, it was discovered in Elmshorn, (West) Germany.


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