Virus.DOS.Rotor.1068 is a memory resident parasitic encrypted virus on DOS.


When the virus is loaded into memory, it first infects C:\COMMAND.COM, followed by hooking INT 8 and 21h to infect any executable that is accessed by writing itself to the end of the file.

Advanced details

The TSR memory usage is 4,096 bytes.

MD5 hash:



When the value of month is equal to that of the day on the system date, on running any infected file the virus activates by rotating the following characters on screen:

l - / \ |

The user may continue doing tasks but he/she cannot stop the rotation of these characters until the computer is being restarted.

After activation, the system might hang when the user issues a command containing these characters, while the system would return "Bad command or file name" or "Syntax error" in normal cases.

Other details

The virus contains the encrypted internal text string:





Rotor virus review by Alles Sandro