Virus.MSExcel.Riots or Riots is a harmless Macro virus that infects Excel spreadsheets.


Riots disables the macro menu and creates a file in the startup directory of Excel with the name "RIOTS.XLM". All macros of virus are in a form called "Riots" that contains macros "AutoOpen", "AutoClose" and "Fu **". The virus infects all documents opened by the user. Every 13th of the month the virus erases the current sheet and displays the following message using Clippy:

Title: XM97.Riots 
Commented by: Sbkm/AbZreplIvehfGrnz 
Body: Encripted for safe me :O)

When you press Ok, another message will pop up.

Title: XM.Riots if U smart you can read it!
Body: Jr jnag ersbezngvba!
      1. Ybj Gur cevpr
      2. Oevat onpx zl Ehcvnu
      3. Ab Zber Fbrunegb Pyna!

This message 'in ROT-13 and translated appears:

We want reformation!
1. Low The price
2. Bring back my Rupiah
3. No More Soeharto Clan!

Apart from all this, the virus does nothing.




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