Rensenware - Play game to free data

Rensenware - Play game to free data

Rensenware is a ransomware on Microsoft Windows.


This ransomware encrypts all the files on the computer when run, followed by displaying a window of notification.

However the program will crash when it meets files that cannot be encrypted due to a bug.

Instead of asking for money, this program mentions that the user must play a game of Touhou "Undefined Fantastic Object" and get at least 200 million points in the Lunatic mode in order to decrypt the files.

Unlike the others, which the encryption key will be deleted after sometime, the user will have an unlimited time for attempts before the files get decrypted.

Other details

The developer has said that his computer had also been infected during development. As he also did not reach a score of 200 million points due to the difficulty of the game, he uploaded a patch for file decryption and updated the code in GitHub by removing the ransom part but keeping the rest.


The news on ACGdoge (in Chinese): Forces You to Become a Fan of Touhou, the Developer from Korea Requires the User to get 200 million Points for Files Decryption