Virus.DOS.Remember is a dangerous parasitic virus on DOS.

There are 9 variants in 2 versions, represented by the following:

  • Virus.DOS.Remember.811
  • Virus.DOS.Remember.1081


When the virus is run, it infects every DOS executable in current directory.

For Remember.1081 and variants having larger infection sizes, they also infect C:\COMMAND.COM and corrupt CMOS memory, causing some CMOS settings to lost and the system will fail to recognize the command interpreter after rebooting.

Some infected files may hang the system when run.

Advanced details

These virus do not stay memory resident.

MD5 hashes:

Variant Hash
Remember.811 0f5550b9464d81988bcbcb38cdfbc848
Remember.816 96b7b5ff21660f21dc8fbb932b431f80
Remember.818 7af75e8be884a52d8f71cdd90fd87086
Remember.1081 1226025b90d2d25f156a3f763ff822e3
Remember.1087 403a7b78069971798e50e67a1232e0ca
Remember.1091 80e500578f366eb8bbdc133affa592d3
Remember.1277 adc8b859b67cbfe6a90002b221cfd9be
Remember.1283 414ba596dbe6b84cc61fdf468463d68b
Remember.1287 9e019cfd1b3535bbd2d9230c3691f0d6


The virus activates on April 24th.

Remember.811, 816 and 818

These variants contain the code of payload and the same activation day but failed to trigger.

Remember payload1

The first payload of Remember.

Remember.1081, 1087, 1091, 1277, 1283 and 1287

When it is first loaded into memory, it displays the message with a telephone number:

 <<< Welcome >>>
 The OVEL bbs Tel is 02-927-7432

It also outputs 3 beeps before returning to DOS.

After that when an infected program is run, the virus types the binary content of the file before executing of the host program.

For some programs, the virus display a message box with some unreadable characters and a beep instead. The following text strings are noticeable:

Remember 4.0
Written by Jean at O.V.E.L

This message box appears differently in some variants.


This family has 9 variants in total:

  • Virus.DOS.Remember.811
  • Virus.DOS.Remember.816
  • Virus.DOS.Remember.818
  • Virus.DOS.Remember.1081
  • Virus.DOS.Remember.1087
  • Virus.DOS.Remember.1091
  • Virus.DOS.Remember.1277
  • Virus.DOS.Remember.1283
  • Virus.DOS.Remember.1287

Other Details

The virus contains the internal text string:



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