RegFuck (or REGFuck[1]) is a destructive trojan for Microsoft Windows.


RegFuck is a tool which corrupts the user's Windows Registry. The trojan's dubious quality is stated to be intentional, as a way to parody "hacker tools" found on YouTube.

The tool also allows the re-usage of random seeds, which, however, is ineffective, because it depends on the layout of the user's registry; thus, the trojan won't bring the same results with the same seed on a different system.


When opened, RegFuck shows a warning:

This program was made to destroy your computer.

Using it will likely make your computer unbootable or unusable.

This GUI of this program was made inentionally bad, if you don't know

what you do, don't contiune.

You have been warned. Clicking Yes will start the program now.

After the user clicks Yes, the trojan employs its first destructive payload; this is followed by a window opening when the user clicks "DO IT".

When clicking 'K', another window opens up and upon clicking "DO IT" again, the trojan starts playing a video, which says:



And then proceeds to play another video.

When the second payload is activated, another window is opened, which says:


enjoj un nuew pc

The third payload changes some fonts to some numbers and more.

After rebooting the system, the theme is changed beyond repair and the cursor does not respond properly; even with Startup Repair, the payloads are loaded again and the cursor keeps malfunctioning.