RegFuck (or REGFuck[1]) is a destructive tool for Microsoft Windows.

It is not a classic trojan by definition, as it does only what it states to do and also has a user interface, not immediatly causing damage. It is rather a "tool" or a simple malware.



RegFuck is a tool which corrupts the user's Windows Registry. The program's dubious quality is stated to be intentional, as a way to parody "hacker tools" found on YouTube.

The tool also allows the re-usage of random seeds, which, however, is ineffective, because it depends on the layout of the user's registry; thus, it won't bring the same results with the same seed on a different system.


When opened, RegFuck shows a warning:

This program was made to destroy the registry of your computer.
Using it will likely make your computer unbootable or unusable.
The GUI of this program was made intentionally bad, if you don't know what you do, don't continue.

You have been warned. Clicking Yes will start the program now.

After the user clicks Yes, the main window of the tool will open. No destructive actions have been executed yet, but will as soon as the user clicks "DO IT". The background of the main window is a badly edited and stretched out version of a product image of Regclean Pro, having "fuck" placed over "clean" in Red Comic Sans.

A slider on the main window allows selecting the chance of each registry entry getting corrupted. The "settingz for 1337 h4x0rz" button opens up a window with a matrix animation in the background and extra settings, allowing you to select a random seed, the chance of deleting entries instead of corrupting them and relative chances for each supported root key of the registry.
When starting the destruction with the "DO IT" button, the tool opens up a new window, which plays an animated GIF and shows a progress bar.

As soon as the corruption is done, it will open another window, containing a badly edited JPEG, containing the text:


enjoj ur nuew pc

The effects of the registry corruption vary by the settings chosen, but most likely will either make the system unbootable or change the theme and various user settings and generally getting a lot of weird errors during usage of the system.

For example, it will often make the cursor speed way too high, only allowing instantly moving it into the corner. Theme changes are also very extreme in a lot of cases, for example causing window title bars to cover up the whole screen or rotating text around.