RegClean Pro is an adware and rogue registry cleaner program that gives the user fake registry keys. This program may put the user's information at risk by buying the full version.


RegClean Pro poses as a registry cleaner on the Systweak website. If the user downloads it and attempts to 'clean' their computer, they would have to pay for the software.

The comments on the rogue on the official website are fake, as there is no comment button.

They have a supposed "help center" for tech support but it is another scam.

Their phone number is 855-765-6710.


  • Block and remove all cookies from the RegClean .exe file.
  • Install Malwarebytes Anti-Malware to remove the program.
  • Use a legitimate tuneup program such as CCleaner and scan for malicious registry keys that remain.


It runs on startup of Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, or any other browser. It will tell the user that their computer is slow and must buy the full version of RegClean Pro to fix the issues.

Trivia Edit

  • It does have a serial key. The serial is:

Gallery Edit

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