Rango is a rogue antivirus on Microsoft Windows. The installation icon of this rogue is blank, when run, the icon deletes itself, and then the rogue becomes activated. The rogue will display fake alerts, saying that the user's PC has a virus. It can also say the user's protection level is low. At first the rogue doesn't do anything, but it is still activated. Eventually, it displays a fake alert and then the program itself runs. It then starts a scan, which detects files the user doesn't have. It then starts displaying more fake alerts. It then pressures the user into downloading the full version.

It can also stop the user from going to websites saying that the websites pose a threat to the user's computer, and that the user should get a copy of the full version, a virus check, or continue surfing the web without any security measures, but the rogue disables the last option.

Fortunately, most users can know this is a rogue because the Windows Action Centre detects it as a virus.


The removal of the virus is easy, if the user can install Malwarebytes by restarting the computer and booting into safe mode with networking, or if the user already has Malwarebytes, then the user can scan the PC, and then delete all the virus files. After this, the virus is removed.


The virus appears to be in the same family with Sirius 2014, A-Secure 2015, Zorton 2014, AVbytes 2015, and GaurdBytes. This is because they all appear to be very similar, and they appear to all have the same interface.