Virus.Boot-DOS.Prowler or Prowler is a boot virus that runs on MS-DOS.

This virus has 2 variants:

  • Virus.Boot-DOS.Prowler.1543
  • Virus.Boot-DOS.Prowler.1727


Prowler (1543 and 1727) are relatively harmless, memory resident encrypted multipartite viruses. They infect the MBR of the hard drive and write themselves to the end of COM (except COMMAND.COM) and EXE files that are executed, and the viruses hook INT 21h to do that. The MBR is infected when an infected file is executed. To install the TSR copy while loading from an infected MBR, the viruses also temporarily hook INT 1Ch (timer). Upon loading from infected MBR on 13th of any month, the viruses manifest themselves as a sound and video effect which was taken from the 1991 computer game Lemmings and display the following message:

I am +he Midnigh+ Pr0wler, s0n 0f +he m00n

And I am the child 0f +he ## genera+i0n....
Note : ## is virus generation. 




Virus.Boot-DOS.Prowler.1727 by Alles (Without Narration)

Prowler.1727 Prowler

Prowler.1727 Prowler.1543 Boot DOS Virus

Virus.Boot-DOS.Prowler by TomKTW