Protegent Antivirus (pro-teh-jent) is a rogue antivirus and PUP that runs on Microsoft Windows.


It has become an Internet meme due to the poor quality of its advertisements, as well as its showcasing on Vinesauce Joel's "Windows Vista Destruction". Its mascot seems to be a slightly altered version of Whyatt Beanstalk, the main character of Super Why. Many of its advertisements have just been made into Internet memes because of their poor quality.

The website of the program uses the .in TLD. It is used for Indian websites.

Due to the lack of information, it is unclear what the effects of the program can do to the user's computer, or whether or not it is truly malicious, current known evidence for it being malicious that it can detect Google Chrome. Evidence against this is that it detects viruses like MEMZ and 000.exe as shown here.

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