Email-Worm.VBS.Pleh or Pleh (Help spelled backwards) is a email worm written in Virtual Basic Script on Microsoft Windows which will corrupt files when run.


When the virus is run it will display a message.

"Read youmustread.txt file :-)"

Of course, with Notepad itself being corrupted this is impossible. When the user then tries to run any of their files or open the text document, it will claim it is not a valid Win32 application. If you navigate through to C:\Windows\Look Here\youmustread.txt in the Safe Mode DOS-Prompt it will print the following message (in broken English) when you type "type youmus~1.txt" :

"Hello!It so pity that i cant look at your face now,and do you know why ,because your machine was infected by Lynx[RAtm].Worm.Regards from Od."

The virus then adds a deltree command to autoexec.bat, causing all files to be erased from the hard drive on the next boot.

Spreading Routine

Before the machine is rendered useless it will send a single email, saying the following:

Subject: "I hate you"

Body: "i think that you must see this file ,i insist." [Copy of the worm sent with monicker "Help.VBS"]


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