Virus.DOS.Piolin.1176 or Barrotes.1176 is a dangerous memory resident parasitic virus on DOS. The virus signature makes some antiviruses to identify it as the Barrotes virus.


After being loaded into memory, the virus infects executables that are run. This virus contains bugs that might reset the system when an infected program is run.

The virus does not infect COM files having a size smaller than or equal to 3,000 bytes.

Memory usageEdit

The exact memory usage is 1,680 bytes.


This virus activates on October 8th.

When an infected program is run, the virus destroys the MBR and displays the message in blue background:

Virus   PIOLIN

After that it resets the system using INT 19h, the system would not be able to load and all the data is lost.

Other detailsEdit

The virus contains the internal text string:


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