Virus.DOS.Ooops.368 is a dangerous file overwriting virus on DOS.


When the virus is run, it infects the first uninfected DOS executable file by overwriting the beginning of its binaries. The timestamp of the file will not be changed.

The virus targets files in any size, and files infected by it will no longer function, but spreading the virus.


The virus activates randomly.

It displays the message and types out the binary content of some files:

Ooops.. I've managed to erase your File Allocation Tables...
Good thing I made a copy of them... now where did I put these damn things?

Other detailsEdit

The virus is supposed to display only the message line by line when activated, but it also draws the binary contents due to some programming faults.

The virus does not destroy file allocation table, and it does not store anything in memory.

The virus contains the internal text strings:


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