OneClickDownload is an adware that allows you to easily download torrents from sites such as ThePirateBay. The author of this program has claimed to "have 10 million downloads from various users". This is promoted through hacked sites that use exploits to install this program onto your computer without your permission. Once installed is it will display false error messages and security warnings on the infected computer.

Many users of 1ClickDownloader have stated that it will do a fake scan on your computer that will say that there are numerous infections or problems present. It will then prompt you to remove these so-called infections or problems, but will not allow you to do so unless you first purchase the program. However, no evidence of this was proven of this myth.


Although it is a legitimate program, it  overwrites your default homepage with Babylon Search Engine, changes your browser settings and puts porn pop-ups and fake advertisements in your browser. However this could be stopped by simply using AdBlock. Note that when downloading this software, you are also downloading other viruses such as TornTV and Babylon Toolbar. These are also legitiment programs, however they are still adware viruses just like 1ClickDownloader.


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