OneClickDownload is an adware and browser hijacker that claims to easily download torrents from sites such as The Pirate Bay. The author of this program has claimed to "have 10 million downloads from various users". This is promoted through hacked sites that use exploits to install this program onto the user's computer without the user's permission. Once installed is it will display false error messages and security warnings on the infected computer.

Many users of 1ClickDownloader have stated that it will do a fake scan on the user's computer and will say that there are numerous infections or problems present. It will then prompt the user to remove these infections or problems that don't actually exist, but will not allow the user to do so unless you first purchase the program. However, no evidence of this was proven of this myth.

Although it is a legitimate program, it overwrites the user's default homepage with Babylon Search Engine, changes the user's browser settings and puts pornographic pop-ups and fake advertisements in the user's browser. However this could be stopped by simply using an ad blocker. Note that when downloading this software, the user can also download other adware programs such as TornTV and Babylon Toolbar. These are also real programs, however they are still adware programs just like 1ClickDownloader.