OkeyShare is a redirecting website that used to clone content from well-known art website Deviant Art in order to misdirect users to other websites. It was previously owned by Enzu, Inc. (now Enom, Inc.) and is now owned by Bodis, LLC. As of 2017, ever since ownership by Bodis, OkeyShare no longer copies content from Deviant Art, but still redirects to other websites.  


Enzu era: 2015-2017

OkeyShare was launched on August 24, 2015 by Enzu, Inc. (now Enom). In early 2016, Deviants (the official nickname for Deviant Art users) discovered OkeyShare and have reported that OkeyShare was copying content from Deviant Art. The reports were true. The website copied content from Deviant Art, making the user think that it was an affiliate with Deviant Art. Upon being entered, the website would redirect the user to another site (see Re-directions).

Bodis era: 2017-present

In March 2017, Bodis, LLC., bought Okeyshare. Ever since, the website has stopped advertising Deviant Art content, but still redirects to random websites, however.


Few re-directions from include legitimate shopping sites or domains, among others. However, most other websites may contain viruses, pop-ups, and/or pornographic content. The risk of viruses lowers for those who have legitimate antivirus software, but pornographic content will still be shown. 

Examples of possible re-directions

Not pictured

  • MetaF***, a pornographic website with adult sex webcams.
  • Chaturbate, another pornographic website.