Offers4U is an adware installed by various PUPs. It displays ads based off of the contents on the website in multiple browsers and internet accessing applications, such as the Steam client, Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Safari. Offers4U displays intrusive advertisements at the bottom of certain webpages and as hyperlinks on certain words of the webpage. These coupon style advertisements are often marked as "brought by Offers4U", and clicking on these advertisements can result in further malware infection.

Offers4U also has the potential to monitor browsing activity as well as various other software/hardware activities such as search queries, IP addresses, and URLs visited.

The Offers4U infection is often gained by using download clients from freeware websites such as or

Removal Edit

The Offers4U infection can be very easily cleaned by using a Malwarebytes scan and clean.

However, there are multiple methods depending on the OS, as a simple Google search will prove.

Sources Edit

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