VIrus.DOS.Nucleii or Nucleii is a virus that runs on MS-DOS.


This virus has 9 versions:

  • Virus.DOS.Nucleii.1200
  • Virus.DOS.Nucleii.1203
  • Virus.DOS.Nucleii.1388
  • Virus.DOS.Nucleii.1515
  • Virus.DOS.Nucleii.200
  • Virus.DOS.Nucleii.516
  • Virus.DOS.Nucleii.518
  • Virus.DOS.Nucleii.606
  • Virus.DOS.Nucleii.895



Nuclei.1388 is a benign non-memory resident encrypted parasitic virus. It searches for .COM files, then writes itself to the end of the file. On the 30th of any month, the virus displays the following messages:

+------------------------- F-PROT anti-anti-virus program------------------+

| Version 1.0                               nUcLeii Software International |


Scan            +------------------------------------------+

                | Too bad your now infected with the frisk |

                | virus. Sorry.,.hehe., but thats the way  |

Options         | sh*t works. If you weren't stealing soft |

                | ware, or trying to get p0rn or something,|

                | then this might not of happened.         |

Infomation      | Don't buy products that harass their user|

                | Stay away from things like McAfee, Norton|

                | Invircible, err well,.hehe., seems like  |

Quit            | everyone is selling out these days.,,.   |

                |                                          |

                | Greetings to fridrik and frisk software. |



|Information about antivirus scanners, and how most are just crap not worth|

|wasting your money on. Hope this is "nit-witty" enough for ya fridrik!!!  |


Do note that in the real virus, the swear words are not censored.

The virus also contains the "copyright" text:

** frisk by nUcLeii 9/09/98


Nucleii.200 is a very dangerous non-memory resident parasitic virus. It searches for all files in all directories, then overwrites the files. After infecting the 4th file, the virus erases sectors on the B: drive. The virus contains the following text string: