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Navashield gui

NavaShield's interface

is a rogue (fake) antivirus software that tricks unsuspecting users into downloading it, when it is actually malware. Initially discovered in 2010, it advertised itself with the slogan "award winning computer protection".

In 2013, it was discovered that it's servers are currently down, and any registration key entered in it's download window is useless.[1]


It had its own website, NavaShield's site looked very user friendly like any antivirus website, so normal windows users may have thought it was a good antivirus. When installed, user interface looks friendly, like many real antiviruses.

As most rogue antiviruses do, it puts up fake antivirus alerts and nags the user to buy the "full" version. Then after a week long free-trial, the payload triggers, it makes an annoying ticking sound and displays an ad telling you to buy NavaShield. After some time, an obnoxious laughter spams through the speakers and porn sites pop-up, random windows, the TTS voice saying random things like "f*ck you", and attempting to email fake addresses.

After another week, a box is shown and it says "it is removing your Hard Drive". It slowly grows and makes a beeping sound. Eventually it consumes the entire screen, and afterwards it flashes to your desktop wallpaper, but with no icons, taskbar, etc. But, some minutes after the reboot, the screen goes back to normal.



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