MyPCBackup is a rogue on Microsoft Windows that claims it will back up the user's data and files, in the case that the computer is stolen or if the computer is destroyed by malware. It is usually installed by installing other malicious programs.


It attempts to steal the user's personal information by saying that a virus is detected. Then it will constantly show pop-ups saying

Your computer is not backed up. Back it up now.

If the user would manage to uninstall it, they would constantly receive emails from bots, asking if the user wants their backed-up files to be deleted. These emails can be stopped if the user blacklists the MyPCBackup email address.

Victims say that if they register for the rogue program's premium service and then cancel out of it, that they still continue to get bills for the service. Others state that even if their files were destroyed or their computer failed to start up, MyPCBackup did not back up or even partially save their information at all.