MrsMajor.exe (also known as BossDaMajor.exe) is a trojan on Microsoft Windows created by Elektro Berkay.


MrsMajor, also known as bossdamajor is a trojan for Microsoft Windows. It originates from Turkey and was created in 2017.

This trojan is available as an executable file named "bossdamajor.exe".


After the user opens the program, it runs Windows Media Player, then restarts the system. At startup, the background is changed to a black background with skulls and all file icons are changed into skulls. Once the system has fully loaded and started up, a flashing and moving image of a girl (named Mrs. Major) pops up on-screen.  

A version 2.0 of the virus exists and includes rules. One of the rules tells users to not use Task Manager to delete the virus. If the user attempts to open Task Manager, then a message stating "There is no escape" appears instead. If the user breaks 'the rules', there will be a red death screen telling the user they broke the rules of the virus. The error code is "TROJANS_NEVER_JOKE_RESPECT_THE_TROJANS", which may be telling the user that this piece of malware is a Trojan. If the user shuts down their PC after the virus has run, the computer will not boot up again.