Morphine, also known as Dozen or Ren_Ho[1], is a DOS virus that takes the form of an .EXE file.


Morphine starts as an .EXE file, but when executed, it will start to infect files via inflating their file size, thus reducing the amount of bytes available.

On August 10 of any year, when an infected file or Morphine is executed, it will display a video graphic with text saying "RELIGIOUS VOMIT! MORPHINE-A VIRUS VERSION 0.6.4," with an upside-down, orange cross below it with loud beeping noises playing. Blood slowly drips down the screen in the process, as well. After a while, the text will turn red, and the beeps will merge into one single noise, and the blood will drip slightly faster. While the video graphic is displayed, it will disable CTRL+ALT+DELETE. When the computer is rebooted on August 10, it will display the video graphic again after the computer tests extended memory.


  • Virus.DOS.Morphine.1951 (Kaspersky)
  • Morphine.2048 (McAfee)
  • Dozen.2000 (Symantec)
  • Morphine-1951 (Sophos)
  • Virus:DOS/Ren_Ho.1951 (Microsoft)



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