Virus.DOS.MonteCarlo or MonteCarlo is a virus that runs on MS-DOS.


MonteCarlo is a memory resident parasitic encrypted viruses. It hooks INT 21h (DOS Function Dispatcher) and writes itself to the end of .EXE files that are executed.

Depending on the system timer they run a card game. Depending on the game result they erase the disk sectors. While playing they display the messages:

* C A S I N O - Monte Carlo *
POZOR : Nevypinajte pocitac ! Data z vasho disku su teraz v RAM pamati
Jedina moznost ich zachrany je pokracovat v tejto HRE
(c) by ILU & QAR . Nelegalne kopirovanie tohto viru sa tresta smrtou.
Konto : 254 stôp
Vklad : 001 stôp
Vyhral  si:  Prehral si:  Formatujem  Svindlujes

"MonteCarlo.1541" displays: * C A S I N O - Monte Carlo II *


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