Mikeyy is the name of a computer worm that spread approximately 10,000 automated messages ( or "tweets") across social networking and mini-blog website in four discrete attacks "between 2 AM Saturday April 11, 2009 Pacific time and early Monday (April 14, 2009) morning" before it was "identified and deleted". The tweets promoted a website called StalkDaily. The worm was written by 17 year old Michael Mooney who operates a website to point out vulnerabilities in Twitter while advertising his website.

Tweets by the worm

  • Twitter, this sucks! Fix your coding.
  • Twitter Security Team Really? You need to be fired.
  • Horrible Coding!
  • @oprah - sup? welcome to twitter - mikeyy
  • @aplusk - hey, homo. - mikeyy
  • @souljaboyellem - your music sucks dude. - mikeyy
  • @TheEllenShow - hey baby, love me long time? - mikeyy
  • @StephenColbert - you funny. - mikeyy
  • @cnnbrk - he's back. ;) - mikeyy
  • @nytimes - yep, it's true. - mikeyy
  • Twitter, do you know about the before_save model callback? - mikeyy
  • This exploit only affects Internet Explorer users. Thanks. - mikeyy
  • Twitter, BeforeSave: ForEach: DataArray: EscapeHtmlCars!!! - mikeyy
  • Get Firefox, thanks.
  • Twitter, you should be paying me now. - mikeyy

Once a user views an already infected profile they get infected as well. The name, location, website and bio all gets changed to Mikeyy and they start posting messages randomly picked from the list above.

The malicious script itself is downloaded from