Microsoft Official Support (aka Important Security Message) is a phishing site that pretends to be an official Microsoft tech support website. It is usually targeted at Google Chrome users. It tells the user that their computer has been locked due to it being "infected by a virus", even when the computer is safe. This scam appears on many URLs (typically on parts of and has many descriptions. The type of virus may vary.


Once the website is viewed, popups will appear claiming things such as "Your computer has been infected with a virus! Your Credit Card information, facebook login, and other personal information have been breached. Call this number now in the next 5 minutes or we will be forced to lock your computer!" Once you call the fake tech support number, they most often lure you in and ask you for them to have access to your computer. They tell you different "antivirus payment plans" and ask you to pay. Then, if you give them your credit card information, they will proceed to take money from you.


Exiting the page will remove it but sometimes clicking on the X button won't do any help since the window is locked, but it can be closed by restarting your computer, or through the task manager.


  • A green version exists. This is easier to remove and is not as bad as the others.
  • The virus also appears on several ad-shortening websites such as and It won't lock your browser window, but the user should still avoid clicking on it, as doing so will redirect the user to the real thing.
    Microsoft Official Support - Google Chrome 8 8 2017 9 29 18 PM

    The green version.


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Virus as seen on a link.


Older appearance