Microsoft Official Support is a scam site usually targeted at Google Chrome.


Once the website is viewed, it opens a fake Microsoft webpage topped by an error message saying that the user's computer has been blocked by the website entered. It will also say that the computer is "infected" with a so-called "virus", followed by a list of personal information "at risk".  There is also a text-to-speech voice (named Paul) repeatedly saying the user's computer is infected.


The webpage along with the error message cannot be deleted unless the computer is rebooted. When the scam first appears, all access to the browser's Internet is disabled. This error message has many variants, for example:

On the CVAS/AmazonAWS variant, it says that if the user closes the page, all computer access will be disabled. However, because the page can only be closed via reboot, the user's acces will not be disabled.

The website poses as either an unwanted pop-up or a scam website.

This support scam is known by many and can be viewed via numerous websites.

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