The Master Boot Record is a critical part of a computer, the MBR contains the Partition Table, and tells the computer what partition to boot into. The Partition Table contains documented information about each partition on the hard drive [Volume, Type, Format etc.]

MBR Viruses

MBR Ransomware (might be nsfw)

MBR Ransomware (might be nsfw)

Unfortunately, as the Master Boot Record is so vital in a computer, it is obviously a target for viruses, especially trojans and ransomware. These ransomwares will write their own code to the Master Boot Record, normally asking for a code to unlock the computer. An example video is below, of Trojan.MBRlock. This specific Ransomware is written in Russian, and asks the user to call a specified phone number to retrieve a code.

Some other non-ransomware viruses can also overwrite or erase the MBR, such as Barrotes, Spaces, MEMZ, PCToaster, and infected versions of Shell and Audacity.

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